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Hey everyone, I am applying for a nursing graduate program at PLU… - Pacific Lutheran University

About Hey everyone, I am applying for a nursing graduate program at PLU…

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Hey everyone,

I am applying for a nursing graduate program at PLU and I have been looking at the housing options in case I get in.  I browsed the website that describes the different dorms and wanted to get a better idea of which halls are well-liked, disliked, etc.  I will be asking for a single room no matter where I go, but other that I am not too picky.  I have been looking mostly at Kreidler and South just because I will be 22, but I have been thinking about Harstad too because it seems to have a very convenient location. Basically, I only know what the website says so if anyone has any interesting insight about ANY of the halls, I would appreciate it. 

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Date:August 20th, 2007 12:42 pm (UTC)


It has been a few years since I was at plu but having lived in Harstad I can say it's a nice place for ladies and a bit more quiet than some dorms however the down side is that you're usually rooming with few upperclassmen and LOTS AND LOTS of new freshmen (which means lots of giggling). I liked it when I was there and would go back if faced with the options again.. however if you're not compassionate and find the antics amusing the freshmen kind of mentality could possibly be annoying to some. The very lower and the very upper rooms tended to have more upperclassmen when I was there but you may not really have a choice. If you're going for a single though it should be in a nice place. It has been 5 years but I remember Kreidler had a really funny smell to it and really wasn't a very friendly place.

I lived in South hall as well and LOVED it. It's a bit spendy and can be noisy, and is rather far away from everything.. but nothing beats having your own kitchen and bathroom if that's what you're into.

Happy Grad School days!
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Date:August 21st, 2007 02:12 am (UTC)
I'd avoid living in the traditional dorms. Generally I find that most people decide to live off-campus their junior year or move into south hall. I would recommend looking at facebook to get an idea of off-campus houses that need roommates. I live off campus, but I swear it takes less time for me to walk to my classes than some of those that live in South Hall and T-Stad.
Date:August 21st, 2007 05:25 am (UTC)
Honestly for what you are wanting I would suggest for you to apply for South Hall housing. Lower campus dorms are generally pretty loud and the dorms in upper campus have their moments but have the reputation of being more quiet but have more freshman. Generally upper classman prefer living in South hall or renting out a house. Good luck with getting your own single room if you do chose a dorm. It is very difficult to receive a single because of the high demand for it and not enough housing. Good luck with getting into the nursing program!
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